Meat Cooking Time Calculators

Meat cooking time calculators are calculators that calculate the time it takes to cook a piece of meat or chicken. This helps because it lets you calculate the time it's going to take to have dinner ready which is very important and makes preparing dinner a lot more predictable. But using a meat cooking time calculator can also be vary dangerous.

Every oven is different, every piece of meat or chicken is different, how hot and humid it is, is going to change the time needed to cook a particular piece of meat drastically. What you need to know is what the internal temperature of the piece of meat you are cooking is.

Internal Temperatures for Beef

An internal temperature of 130 degrees F is very rare.

An internal temperature of 140 degrees F is rare.

An internal temperature of 145 degrees F is medium rare.

An internal temperature of 160 degrees F is medium.

An internal temperature of 170 degrees F is well done.

An internal temperature of 180 degrees F is very well done

Allowing the meat to rest will cause the internal temperature to rise anywhere from 5 degrees to 10 degrees, so be sure to remove the meat from the oven 5 degrees below the desired temperature to avoid overcooking.

So you can see why a meat cooking time calculator is not going to be of any real use. There is no way a meat cooking time calculator is going to be able to take all these variables into account.

Internal Temperature for Pork

For tender juicy pork, cook to an internal temperature of 160 degrees F with just a hint of pinkness.

Cook based on serving size and cooking method.

Internal Temperature for Cooking Chicken

Whole chicken - 180 degrees F.

Breasts and roasts - 165-170 degrees F.

Thighs, wings and legs - 180 degrees F.


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