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Overweight calculators also known as BMI calculators are calculators that add what you have eaten and calculate weather you are going to lose weight or gain weight. The problem with overweight calculators is that it's not taking into account who you are.

Although it does help you understand what your eating and how your weight may respond to the amount you are eating and in the end you might end up losing weight this may not b good for you.

What needs to be taken into account is who we are.

Overweight Calculators may be Dangerous to Your Health

The most damaging thing to the human body is stress. What causes stress is living contradictious to the way we are constructed to live. That means DNA and cultural up bringing.

When the Human body experiences stress it produces hormones and other chemicals that prepare us to attack. When we are in attack mode we are in fact running our engines at high gear. This is not good for us. Most of us when living in a natural environment our bodies are in harmony. Some of us are fat, some of us are thin, some of us sleep a lot and some hardly sleep at all.

No one is geared to working 8 or more hours a day, wondering if we are going to lose our means of support from day to day, while multitasking with friends, family and work.

The food corporate is offering has been chemically changed for profit, at the cost of our health. The body doesn't know how to handel this change so it stores a lot of this chemically change food at fat. We are all getting fatter, so we go and change our eating habits to control our fat gain and in the process we increase our stress levels because we are trying to change the way our bodies think we are supposed to be.

We are in a fight with ourselves, and we are both losing.

To control your weight first you need to lower your stress level, because stress causes our bodies to gain weight in response to our "flee or fight" trigger that causes our bodies to store fat caused from a perceived famine coming.

Second, get away from fast foods, they will kill you.

Put some exercise in your life. It's not the exercise that helps it's how your body responds to exercise that helps. Exercise causes your body to start running in a normal high gear that begins to slow hunger and burn more calories because your body now feel safe so it start dumping all that fat and starts running in productive mode.

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